Jonesboro Parent Teacher Organization
NEXT MEETING MAY 17th at 6 pm. PLEASE COME HELP ORGANIZE FIELD DAY! The Jonesboro PTA was organized in 1949 and has been active until 2013. The PTA has five stated objectives aimed at promoting home school and community cooperation to benefit the education of the youth of Jonesboro. We are reorganizing and will be called the PTO where there are less rules and regulations to do with the IRS. Officers for the current year are: President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: The PTA meets the third Wednesday of the month during the school year. The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Jonesboro Elementary School. The meetings are open to all parents, teachers and community members interested the helping with the programs suggested by the members. Membership dues are $5.00, but are not required to attend meetings and participate in programs. The PTA has fund-raising activities during the year. Money raised has helped to fund such programs as playground equipment, support for the school yearbook, Halloween activities, end of school year field day , book purchases for the school library, portable lighting for the gym and an annual $500.00 scholarship for Jonesboro student who goes on to attend college. Fundraisers are such activities as the Pot of Gold Auction, Scholastic book sales, Valentine candy grams, the Christmas recycle sale, bottle drives and other projects as ideas are presented. PTA monthly Meeting Notes are available on the school web site at or



  • Call to Order

President Janet Mawhinney called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.  Those in attendance were: Janet Mawhinney, MaryEllen Day, Marge Hicks, Patty Wallace & Sarah Nehrings.

  • Flag Salute
  • Recite the PTA Objectives:
  • To promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship.
  • To raise the standard of home life.
  • To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
  • To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.
  • To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.
  • Secretary’s Report: none given
  • Treasurer’s Report: The motion was made by Mrs. Mawhinney, seconded by Mrs. Hicks and unanimously approved to accept the treasurer’s report as given including an ending balance of $1000.00.
    • Cooking Matters: Scheduled to begin in March. Limit 15 participants and parents must accompany students. Taylor Weiss and Miss Nehrings will be leading this group.
    • Pot of Gold Supper: Mrs. Mawhinney reported that the supper preparations are under way that she has a crew helping to organize the dinner. We set the time for the dinner to start at 6 p.m.
    • Pot of Gold Auction: Mrs. Hicks reported that Patty Wallace had worked hard to get the mailing list sent out. Many items have been received already and the auction list is increasing everyday. Emily Fitzsimmons, Angela Davis, April Strout, and Melissa Veith are all working hard collecting from local businesses. Auction bidding will begin at 5 p.m. and close at 6 p.m.
  • New Business:
    • Blue 84 Spirit: Mrs. Hicks is going to get things organize to have the clothing sale again during the month of March.
    • Box Tops: Stated that we need to get our school id number. Patti is working on this.
  • Adjourned: Mrs. Mawhinney adjourned the meeting at 7:00 p.m.


  • Call to Order

Vice President Janet Mawhinney called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Those in attendance were: Janet Mawhinney, Kelli Emery, Joni Cox, Marge Hicks, Suzanne Plaisted & Jody Rose.

  • Flag Salute


  • Recite the PTA Objectives:
  • To promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship.
  • To raise the standards of home life.
  • To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
  • To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.
  • To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.
  • Secretary’s Report: none given
  • Treasurer’s Report: The motion was made by Mrs. Mawhinney, seconded by Mrs. Hicks and unanimously approved to accept the treasurer’s report as given including an ending balance of $4,912.49.


  • Old Business
      • Report from Playground Committee: None given due to a lack of committee representative.  Discussion ensued about the mission of the playground committee.  Mrs. Mawhinney will meet with Mr. Crawford and Bunny Plummer (2 of the committee members) to clarify the goals for the committee.  Joni reported that the new swings had been put up today.  James Cox will bring up a load of sand for the sandbox.  The equipment needs a fresh coat of paint.  Joni suggested that it might be a good community service project for Student Council.  Jody Rose informed those assembled that the Grange gets a deep discount of seeds so perhaps the Student Council could also beautify the grounds by planting seeds.     
      • Report on Book Fair:  Joni reported that tomorrow is the last day for the book fair.  She has sold $870.63, which entitles the library to $348 worth of books and $100 for all of the “extra effort” in conducting the book fair (such as decorating, having it open during the Mother’s Day Luncheon and the monthly PTA meeting).  Joni submitted receipts for book fair decorations and several new books.  Kelli made a motion to reimburse her for these items.  Jody seconded the motion, which then passed unanimously.  Jody asked that we request fewer “novelties” and more books.  Janet suggested that Jody investigate other companies that might provide better services.  After a discussion about what types of books the children like to read, Jody will create and distribute a survey for older kids to see what they are reading and what they would like to read.
      • Report on Teacher Appreciation Week:  Robin has ordered JES polo shirts for the entire faculty and staff.  They will be distributed as soon as they arrive.
      • Eighth Grade Graduation:  Mrs. Hicks reported that the eighth grade students have made many wonderful plans for their graduation.  They are planning an Eighth Grade Supper for June 9th at 6:00 to celebrate their graduation with the classmates and families.  “Shooting for the Stars” will be the theme for the graduation ceremony with midnight blue, gold and white decorations.  They requested $500 to purchase materials, many of which may be reused in future years.  Kelli made the motion to give the requested $500 to the eighth grade for graduation.  The motion received a second from Jody and the motion carried unanimously.
      • Scholarship (2004 8th graders: Alicia Harmon, Sarah Look, Jacob Patryn, Donnalee Price, Amber Smith, Joe Whitney):  Suzanne reported that the materials had been given to Stephanie Seeley, the scholarship committee chair, and that a notice about the availability of the scholarship had been in the local newspapers.  The deadline for application is June 3rd and the scholarship is awarded at eighth grade graduation.
      • Report on Field Trip to Discovery Museum in Bangor:  Mrs. Mawhinney reported a fun and educational day.  She was impressed with the new additions to the exhibits and was especially pleased with the care the museum staff took to make the trip enjoyable and sanitary!
      • PTA Involvement in Bicentennial Activities:  After much discussion, it was the general consensus that PTA does not have enough members who are available at this time to carry out either of these activities.

1. Parade Float: Janet reported that Mrs. NeCastro would be willing to staff a float with the JES band.  Janet will make inquiries of parents to see if a volunteer would serve as “float director.”
2. Children’s Game & Activities:  Janet will call Jeff Chick from MMHS Jobs for Maine Graduates & Lori McBrine from WA Jobs for Maine Graduates to see if these groups would organize & man the children’s games and activities.

      • Bicentennial Field Day: June 10th, 12:00-2:30, Volunteers needed!:  Suzanne reported that the annual field day events are planned around the bicentennial theme.  The new bounce house has been rented and Robin is going to ask about using D.W. Merritt’s popcorn machine.  Janet made a motion to expend not more that $250 on field day.  The motion was seconded by Kelli and passed with 4 in favor and 1 abstention.
      • Search Committee Recommendations

President: Janet Mawhinney                Vice President: None Presented
Secretary: None Presented                           Treas.: Kelli Emery (’09-’10 only)

  • New Business
      • Election of Officers:  Joni made a motion to elect Janet Mawhinney as PTA President for 2009-2011 and Kelli Emery as PTA Treasurer for 2009-2010 with elections for the remaining offices to be filled at the beginning of the new school year.  The motion received a second from Kelli and passed unanimously.
      • Log Cabin Playhouse:  The Plaisted family has a log cabin playhouse that they will donate to the school playground if someone will move it.  Joni volunteered James Cox who will be in touch with the Plaisteds to make arrangements about moving it.  It will need a new coat of paint.
      • Other
  • Jeanne Whitney had submitted a request for reimbursement of $42.88 for materials for the kids to make their own Jonesboro t-shirts for the curriculum fair
  • The After School Program submitted a reimbursement request for $24.55 to purchase materials for a student-made 3-D map of Jonesboro.
  • Mrs. NeCastro submitted a reimbursement request for $256.22 for a rolling cart to properly store the music stands.
  • Mr. Marsh submitted a request for PTA to purchase “grab and go” emergency form clipboard containers (8 @ app. $20 each).
  • The faculty requested that PTA purchase a 1-year school-wide Weekly Reader subscription for each child.

Suzanne made a motion to grant these financial requests.  The motion received a second by Jody and carried unanimously.

  • Teacher Lottery:  Won by Mrs. Hicks

  • Banner Vote/ K & 1 __1_ ,    2 & 3 _0__ ,    4 & 5 _1_ ,    6 _0_ ,    7 & 8 _4__
  • Adjourn (Next meeting Sept. 10th – Teacher Reception)

Sept. 11, 2008


I. Call to Order & Welcome:
The meeting was called to order in the JES Information Center by President Robin Pineo at 6:30 PM with 13 members in attendance. Members were welcomed back for the new school year.

II. Moment of Silence:
A moment of silence was observed in memory of the emergency respondents and civilians who lost their lives during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on our country.

III. Flag Salute:
President Pineo led the flag salute. It was noted that the Information Center needs a flag to display.

IV. Recite the PTA Objectives:
Those assembled recited the PTA Objectives.

V. Secretary Report:
The minutes of the May meeting were not available.

VI. Treasurer Report:
Kelli Emery reported an ending balance of $3,706.97. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to accept the Treasurer report as presented.

VII. Old Business
A. Picnic Table/Bench update: Mr. Crawford reported that 2 new 8-foot picnic tables were purchased locally and delivered before the close of school last summer. Mr. Crawford has put one coat of stain on the tables and another coat needs to be applied. Either he or the custodians will do this. When the committee investigated the cost of the benches, they were about $400 each so no further action was taken.

B. Thank-you note: Robin read a note from George Alley thanking PTA for his retirement gift.

C. Mrs. Look mentioned that even though the Olympic Field Day last June was rainy, it was an enjoyable day.

VIII. New Business
A. Resignation of Janet Toth: President Janet Toth has moved to Ellsworth and resigned from her office so Vice President Robin Pineo has assumed the Presidency. This creates a vacancy for a Vice President and we have an existing vacancy for a Secretary.

B. Committee to fill VP & Secretary positions: Robin and Mr. Marsh will search for members to fill these offices and report back at the Oct. meeting.

C. Suggestions for Increasing Participation:

1. Shelley suggested that each one of us personally invite and bring a buddy who doesn’t normally attend PTA to the Oct. meeting.

2. Angela will get more detailed info out to parents concerning what PTA does and will do this year in order to raise more awareness about PTA activities.

3. Newsletter: Robin suggested that the PTA partner with the school for a monthly newsletter. Mrs. Look suggested that the 7th & 8th graders (during the Afterschool Program technology time) work with the Student Council to help produce this newsletter. Kelli suggested that the Secretary of PTA meet with this group of students to highlight PTA events for the newsletter. Mr. Crawford suggested that this newsletter could also be used as a school update for the local newspapers.

D. Review events for the upcoming year: The following annual events and activities were reviewed:

1. Teacher/Staff Welcome Reception in Sept.

2. Box Tops for Education (year-round fund-raiser): Robin noted that information about this could be included in the monthly newsletter.

3. School-wide Halloween Party in Oct.

4. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF (service project) in Oct.

5. Book Fair (fundraiser for library): Joni reported that the date has been set for the week of Oct. 14th.

6. Food Pantry Donations (service project) in Nov.

7. Recycled Christmas Present Sale in Dec.

8. Valentine Candy Grams in Feb.

9. Pot of Gold Event (fundraiser) in March

10. Easter Egg Hunt (Easter is April 12th this year)

11. $500 Scholarship given in June

12. Teacher Appreciation Week in May

13. Field Day in June

14. Financial Support for the Yearbook: The motion was made, seconded and carried unanimously to reserve $500 for the JES yearbook. This year, Mrs. Hicks and the 7th & 8th graders will work with Mrs. Whitney and Mrs. Look during the Afterschool technology time to produce the yearbook.

15. Support the Afterschool Program: Mrs. Look reported that this year’s goal for the Afterschool Program is Move and Improve. It will begin on Sept. 30th. A Wii system, Wii Fitness program and Wii Sports program have been purchased. The AP is looking for an inexpensive or donated ping-pong table. They will include mention of this need in the new monthly newsletter. On Oct. 28th, the students will participate in the American Heart Association’s Jump for Heart fundraiser. Students will obtain pledges from sponsors as a service project for the American Heart Association. Mrs. Whitney reminded those assembled that this is the final year of the 21st Century grant that funds the Afterschool Program.

16. Financial Support for 8th Grade Graduation in June

17. Teacher Discretionary Fund

18. Cultural/Educational Enrichment Program: Joni suggested that Terry Rowden’s Steel Drums (Cutler) come to school to do a performance. She will find out the specifics. Mr. Crawford suggested that Randy Judkins (who conducts an entertaining performance geared towards raising self-esteem) be invited to JES. Mr. Crawford will explore this and report back to us.

19. Field Trips: Kelli asked about returning to the Challenger Learning Center in Bangor. Mr. Marsh and other faculty members were enthusiastic about taking the 6th, 7th & 8th graders on another mission. Machias Savings Bank and Bangor Hydro sponsored this field trip. Kelli will explore what’s involved to schedule a spring mission. Joni would like to take the K & 1 students to the Porter Memorial Library in Machias. Mr. Marsh reported that JES has a good prospect for an excellent Art program. If this works out, a trip to the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland would be a wonderful learning experience for students.

20. Playground: Joni reported that James Cox and Buddy Smith conducted the work on the playground over the summer. Shelley Roberts will send a thank-you note to each of them.

E. Town History Book: Joni requested that PTA purchase a newly published Town History book for the library. It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to purchase 2 Town History books, one for the library and one for the 7th & 8th grade classroom.

F. Dance: Mr. Crawford requested that PTA provide the start-up funds to hold a dance on Fri., Oct. 3 from 7-9. The Student Council will obtain chaperones, snacks, music and handle the sign-up sheet for students from other schools. Last year, PTA turned the dances over to the Student Council and Mr. Marsh reported that the SC has $500 of their own money to work with so they don’t need the start-up funds. No further action was taken.

IX. Banner Vote/Teacher Lottery:
The 7th & 8th grade classroom won the banner vote and $10 and the banner was given to Mrs. Hicks. Discussion ensued concerning the “perk” for winning the PTA banner. It was decided that they would get early lunch-line privileges. Mrs. Norton won the Teacher Lottery and received $10 for her classroom.

X. Adjourn for Welcome Reception:
The motion was made & seconded to adjourn. The motion carried with 9 in favor and 2 opposed (Mr. Marsh and Mr. Crawford). Next Meeting: Thursday, Oct. 9th Jonesboro Elementary School PTA


March 13, 2008
I to IV
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Janet Toth (1),
the flag was saluted (II),
the PTA Objectives were read (III),
the Secretary’s Report, which was prepared by Jody Rose was read and approved (IV).
Six PTA members were present. (Kelli, Joni, Suzanne, Kristie Anderson, Janet Toth and Jody).

V. The TREASURER’S REPORT was circulated and accepted. Beginning balance was $3219.04. Ending balance was $ 3083.23.


A. CANDYGRAMS. Joni reported that the event went well and that she gave a check for $92.00 to Kelli.
B. READ ACROSS AMERICA. Joni reported that the event went well. Seventh grade won the door contest. The older kids were very helpful and took their role as mentors to the younger students seriously. Gratitude was expressed to Joni for her great work on this project.


1. The field trip for 6-8 to the CHALLENGER LEARNING CENTER has been postponed until April 2 due to bad weather. Janet Toth urged people to consider chaperoning since neither she nor Gary will be available to do that day.

2. We voted to sponsor a K-6 FIELD TRIP to Dorr Museum of Natural History at College of the Atlantic for a class entitled, “Bones, Baleen and Whale Ecology,” during which students will assemble a 24-foot Minke whale and learn about the behavior and anatomy of whales while looking at baleen, krill and other marine mammal artifacts. The museum staff will be willing to highlight particular topics of science and ecology that our students are studying this year. Jody will check in with Greg Marsh to see whether this field trip would be of interest to the school and if so, what help she can offer to help with it.

3. Janet Toth reported that the Downeast Institute on Beals is available for a field trip either later this spring or early next fall.

D. Suzanne reported that Grades 2/3 are way ahead at this point on the collection of WINTER BOXTOPS

E. POT O’GOLD. Suzanne reported that we seem to be all set. Angela will pick up tables from Whitney’s tomorrow (Friday). The older students will set up tables and chairs Friday afternoon. Any PTA members available to help set up the auction should meet Suzanne at the gym at 2:00 PM Friday afternoon. Whitneyville Library Association is read to go. Snow is in the forecast but should be light enough to permit the event to proceed. We don’t need to coordinate clean-up in advance since there is usually sufficient volunteer labor. The tables, which Angela will return Monday, should be stored on the stage so they are out of the way on Sunday night during mens basketball practice.


A. Joni reports that the BOOK FAIR will be here between May 2-16. Children will be ale to buy one-get one free (of same or lesser value). The book fair will be open during the Curriculum Fair and during the Mother’s Day Luncheon. Melissa will come in and help. Joni will set a schedule and solicit other volunteers.

B. TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK is the week of May 5-10; National Teacher Day is Tuesday, May 6. We will discuss our plans for this celebration at greater length during our next meeting.

C. Suzanne reported that the PTA donation toward the SCHOLARSHIP will come from our General Fund.

D. Suzanne reported that she has plans for an Olympics-themed FIELD DAY ready to go.

E. Janet Toth read a thank-you note sent by Ellen Norton for funds PTA provided to teachers earlier this year.

F. Jody updated us on the Student Council proposed FOOD DRIVE. The students are no longer allowed to go door-to-door for fundraising/collecting efforts. Instead, they plan to collect food at school and perhaps donate some of their funds to the food pantry at the Congregational Church. They plan to contact the food pantry to discuss specifically how they can help on-site, as well. Janet Toth noted that the need is great and that some people are looking at the Marshall Food Pantry as a potential homeless shelter to address this growing local need.

G. We approved $50.00 to George Crawford cover the cost of materials the ANNUAL EASTER EGG HOP.


IX. Grade 6 won the BANNER VOTE.

X. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.
next meeting would have been april 10 but baskeball conflict so do it 4/9 instead. We need to tell Mr. Marsh. Joni will get a key and a code.

Ajdjourn at 7:20 PM

Jonesboro Elementary School PTA
February 7, 2008
I – IV	 The meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM by Janet Toth (1), the flag was saluted (II), the PTA Objectives were read (III), the Secretary’s Report, which was prepared by Jody Rose was read and approved (IV).  Six PTA members were present.
V.	The TREASURER’S REPORT was circulated and accepted.  Beginning balance was $ 3358.84.  Ending balance was $3219.04.
A.	CANDYGRAMS.  Joni and Mona will work on this project together.  Materials have already been purchased and can be assembled with student help during the After School Program.  Candygrams will cost $ 0.50 each or 3 for $ 1.00.  Jeanne will design a flier; Joni will send a notice home to each household. 
B.	READ ACROSS AMERICA.  Joni and George Crawford applied for a grant.  Joni has purchased prizes for students.  Mona will help.  Lisa will make a cake.  The “Bigs” will read to “Littles” and will decorate the door.  “Littles” will draw Seuss book covers and all will receive a prize for participation.  Suzanne described activities she is doing at her school around this event.  Joni’s son may consent to dress in the Cat-in-the-Hat costume to spice up the event.  
1.	Janet Toth reported that Machias Savings Bank will provide scholarships to our 6-8th grade students to go to the CHALLENGER LEARNING CENTER. The Challenger Center has openings on 3/3, 3/5, 3/10 and 3/11.  We hope to schedule our trip on 3/10 because J.E.S. has testing during 3/3 and 3/5, and we prefer a weekday fieldtrip to one on a weekend.  Each mission takes 2.5 hours and the Challenger Learning Center can take our students from 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, which would allow us to conduct the excursion entirely within the school day.  Jeanne will check in with Greg Marsh to confirm the proposed date of the trip, and his and George Alley’s willingness to accompany their students on the trip.  The Challenger Center requires that a classroom teacher attend the mission with students but no outside teacher training is required. We will probably obtain a school bus to transport the 26 students and plan on attendees brown bagging their own lunches If Jeanne is unable make contact with Greg on 2/8, Janet Toth will.  Once we’ve cleared the arrangement at J.E.S., Janet Toth will contact the Challenger Center to confirm our field trip. 
2.	Unfortunately, the Challenger Center does not accommodate our younger students, some of whom expressed interest in being included in this kind of exciting field trip.  Susan and Jody are willing to research FIELD TRIP OPTIONS FOR K-5 and to serve as chaperones.  
a.	BEALS SHELLFISH HATCHERY is a good option for any age group and is free, except for transportation and fee to bus driver.  We can pursue this trip when the weather warms. An in-school resource that might heighten the impact of this trip would be Tim Sheehan of Gulf of Maine in Pembroke, who sets up touch tanks of local marine fauna right in the classroom.  This could great way to familiarize students with some of the organisms they might encounter in the field.  
b.	Jody will contact College of the Atlantic’s Dorr Museum of Natural History, the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor and the Discovery Museum (group rate is $ 3.50 per student with free admission for the accompanying teacher) to seek information. Jeanne will ask Greg and Ellen whether they think we should include the 5th graders in a Discovery Museum trip.  Other ideas for field trips in St. Croix Island and the maple syrup farm.  
3.	Janet Toth reported that the ROY TOY people are away so our proposed field trip to their factory must be postponed.  Janet notes that we did well with the Roy Toy fundraiser.  Now 4-5 local businesses are lined up to participate with 3-4 schools.  Janet will meet on 2/12 to seek more business and schools to join this successful collaboration, which J.E.S. was instrumental in starting.   For our Fall 2008 fundraiser, we will have at least 4 local businesses to work with.   
4.	Janet Toth reported that her family is still planning to sponsor a trip to Jackson Laboratory.
5.	Jody told Jeanne that she is willing to help organize an end-of-the-year beach day for the entire student body  
D.	Suzanne reported that plans for the POT O’ GOLD Supper are progressing nicely.  The Church Auxiliary is unable to conduct the food aspect of the event but the Whitneyville Library Association  (WLA) has agreed run a Baked Ham Dinner.  Jody suggested that the Library Association use their presence as an excuse to solicit support for their Building Fund and to encourage attendees to join their “Friends of the Library” association.  Angela convinced Whitney’s to donate 12 tables.  Suzanne proposed that we do 3 lightening rounds of silent auction and then conduct an early main auction, so as to wrap the event early this year.  Perhaps we can sell leftover pies.  WLA can use PTA’s silverware, which is stored under the stage in the gym.  Janet Toth will serve as master-of-ceremonies; she can check in with Robin Pineo for tips on this.  Kelli and Stephanie will supervise the monetary aspects of the auction, including admission and payment for auction items.  We voted to skip the mystery auction, 50/50 raffle and door prize but will do the gold coin under the table.  We still have some green tablecloths left over from last year but need to buy more blue and gold rolls.  Suzanne will purchase these and then report how much she spent on them to Kelli.  Jeanne will have Scott or Cheryl obtain pens.  We have bookstands.  Suzanne already publicity well in hand; she has already contacted channels 2, 5,7, 11 (Machias cable) and Washington County TV.  A letter has already been drafted to Joni Averill and later Suzanne will contact the two local newspapers, Kiss 94, and the Machias radio station.  We will need to get new bid paddles; Jeanne said she would have After School Program students work on these.
A.	FOOD DRIVE FOR MACHIAS FOOD PANTRY.  Suzanne thinks it will be too complicated to try to do a food drive at the auction, as been suggested earlier since the school is already bringing in an outside organization, Whitneyville Library Association to coordinate the dinner.  Jody mentioned that Student Council is considering working with the food pantry.  PTA suggested she ask Student Council if it would consider doing a bottle drive or food drive, where kids leave notes of solicitation one Saturday and pick up donations the next (as the scouts and USPS have done in the past).  
B.	Suzanne reported that the deadline for submission of WINTER BOX TOPS is 2/28.  She would like to collect them by 2/15 so as to be able to package up as many as possible during vacation.  She has $35.00 so far in a close race between K/1 and 2/3.
C.	We discussed that it would be important to IMPROVE TELEVISION RECEPTION AT SCHOOL.  We should approach Satellite and Dish to see if either company might be willing to help us out in exchange for good publicity.  Let’s add this item to the March agenda for further discussion. 
VIII.	The TEACHER LOTTERY was won by Jeanne.
IX.	The BANNER VOTE was won by grades 7/8.
 X.	The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

January 10, 2008
I – IV.	The meeting was called to order at 6:40 PM  (I) by Janet Toth, the flag was saluted (II), the PTA Objectives were read (III), and Janet read the Secretary’s Report (IV), which had been prepared by Jean Whitney.  Eight PTA members were present.
V.	The TREASURER’S REPORT was read by Kelly Emery and was accepted.  Beginning balance was $ 3566.57.  Ending balance was $ 4458.84.
A.	The ROY TOY FUNDRAISER raised $ 128.02.  It can be considered a success not just for the money raised for the school but also because Jonesboro Elementary is a frontrunner on the new statewide effort on the part of other schools and businesses to “Buy Local.”  Washington County One, which meets January 15, will build on our effort to include local businesses in local fundraising campaigns.  Janet suggested we plan a field trip for students to the Roy Toy facility so they can see how the toys are made and thus gain a fuller picture of the process from local manufacture through distribution.
B.	The FOOD DRIVE went well, Joni Cox reported, although there was somewhat less participation than last year.  We noted that the need is particularly great this year due to the severe winter and challenging economy.  We will discuss having a second food drive, perhaps in conjunction with the upcoming Pot of Gold Supper.
C.	The RECYCLCLED XMAS SALE raised $60.45; we had given $25.00 for start up money.  So the net profit was $35.45.  The students love it and feel great pride in being able to contribute to their family’s holiday celebrations, and the elders who received the remainders were also appreciative of the effort. 
A.	On the subject of providing our students with a CULTURAL ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY OR ASSEMBLY, 
1)	Janet Toth noted how much her family enjoyed their visit to the Challenger Center in Bangor.  She spoke with Challenger Center, Nate Michaud, about a the possibility of sending Jonesboro Elementary students on a field trip there.  She is waiting to hear back from Tracy Sanborn, Machias Savings Bank, who will contact her about the bank can provide us with scholarships to send Jonesboro students on this proposed field trip.
2)	The Toths are looking to sponsor a field trip for older students to Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor.
3)	Jody said she and Lee are investigating upcoming events at Maine Center of the Arts and other artistic venues in Bangor as a possible spring field trip
4)	Joni suggested we investigate providing a field trip or some other enrichment activity for the K-5’s, as well as for older students.  One possible trip for them could be to Brian Beal’s Downeast Research Institute, so they can observe a shellfish hatchery in action.  We should continue to brainstorm and discuss this more at the next meeting.  
B.	PTA will sponsor CANDYGRAMS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY again this year (which occurs this year the week of basketball playoffs/championship games.  Joni will coordinate the event if Mona is busy.  PTA voted to provide $ 50.00 to get Joni (or Mona) started on this project.
C.	On the subject of this year’s POT O’ GOLD SUPPER, we decided to stick with the traditional date of March 15, even though some of our traditional organizers aren’t available on that date this year.  
1)	Last year, we didn’t do as well we should have considering the high quality of the auction merchandise.  It is likely that a basketball tournament and other conflicting events lowered attendance/
2)	We need to decide what food to serve at the event.  Many elders may not have attended last year since we served only dessert and not a full dinner.  Janet Toth will ask Janet Mawhinney if she might be available to coordinate food service this year.  If not, Suzanne Plaisted will ask the Church Auxiliary if it might be willing to coordinate the supper part of the event in exchange for a share of food-derived profits.  
3)	Suzanne passed around a list businesses to solicit for the 2008 Auction and asked PTA members to sign on to help, which some of us did.  We voted on and approved her letter of solicitation to businesses.  Suzanne.  She will ask Greg Marsh for a copy of the school’s 501C3 status (which is required by some of the potential auction donors), and then start coordinating donations.  
4)	Tables are always hard to find for the dinner.  Last year, we borrowed tables from the Machias Motor Inn Banquet Center but they have since disbanded and given the tables away.  The Town Office has three but they won’t work for us.  The Church won’t lend theirs.  Although the Bluebird has been willing to lend us their twelve tables in the past, these tables are very heavy.  Angela will ask David Whitney if he will lend us tables as part of the Whitney’s Tool Shed donation.  Janet Toth will ask Ed Pellon to lend tables if David Whitney refuses.  We will give credit to whoever donates tables to us.  
D.	Janet gave a check for $ 133.80 she had received from BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION to Kelly.
E.	Joni is in the process of planning DR. SEUSS READ ACROSS AMERICA to be held March 2, 2008.  It cost $30.00 to decorate the door in 2007, and this is a project the “Bigs” like to participate in.  Suzanne noted that the ME Teachers’ Association gives grants of $50.00 for cakes but that won’t be necessary since Lisa is willing to make the cake this year.  Suzanne has lots of Read Across Materials she can make available to Joni.  It was voted to give Joni $100.00 toward Read Across America materials.  
F.	It was voted to change the date of the next PTA meeting to February 7.
VIII.	Joni won the TEACHER LOTTERY since she was the only staff member present at the meeting.
IX.	The BANNER VOTE was won by grades 7/8.
X.	We ADJOURNED at 7:45 PM.

Jonesboro Elementary School P.T.A. Notes
November 8, 2007
Meeting was called to order by President, Janet Toth, followed by the flag salute and PTA Objectives. The secretary and treasurer’s reports were read and accepted. The ending balance in the PTA account was $3,566.57.  There were 8 members present. The PTA has 20 paid members as of this date. 

Old Business ~ 

All forms have been sent home for Roy Toys. It was decided to send them home again, as there has not been a big response so far. They will be due on November 16th. 

The PTA Book Fair raised $814.00. Because of signing up for two fairs, we received $450 in free books. (Not sure if this is correct) Please check.

Janet Mawhinney reported on the Halloween party. All went smoothly. Lots of volunteers. 
It was discussed that maybe next year form a committee to think about alternate plans for the party or possibly a “Harvest Fest” or “Harvest Celebration”.  Also check out what other schools are doing. Possibly just fun costumes, not witches, devils, etc.  Jody Rose reported that UNICEF boxes are still coming in. Seems to be a success with more coming in. 

It was also discussed that a yearly calendar of PTA events would be helpful. Something like “A Year in the PTA”

Ideas were discussed for “Caring Baskets” to be distributed to elderly citizens. It was mentioned to contact the Treasurer of the Salvation Army Machias Division and perhaps call the Chamber of Commerce. Kelli and Jeannette will google it and take care of it.

Need lists of items that elderly people may need. Student Council is responsible for collecting boxes. Some ideas that were discussed: footies, health kits, letters / pictures, etc. The food pantry may also have some ideas. Many ideas were shared. Mr. Marsh is in charge of the Student Council and pulling the project together. K-1 will help with making some goodies for the boxes.

Roy Toys ~ set up will be 6:30-7:45 Sat. morning. Need workers from 8-2. Beth and Angela have said they would, but we will double check with them. Jeannette will pick up the toys or they will be delivered to the bank and Jeannette will take them to the school. She will also pick up the collection bag.  If we run out at the fair, Susan will deliver more.


Mr. Crawford reported on the recycle sale. “Kids love this sale”. He will send home a note asking for donations such as ribbon, paper, tape, bows, and items for the sale.
It was voted to give Mr. Crawford $25.00 to help with expenses.

A field trip to Roy Toys was suggested. 

Jody Rose suggested that $100 be given to each staff member to use for their students. Joni Cox said she would like to buy DVDs for the library. After some discussion, it was voted to set aside $500.00 for unbudgeted items that the teachers may need. The money will be disbursed to the teacher, or they may use money from the school account and PTA will reimburse. 

Mr. Crawford will renew the web domain names for our school website. It was voted to give Mr. Crawford the $40.00 to take care of it.

Jean Whitney thanked the PTA for the soccer nets and balls. It was voted to give Mrs. Whitney the $30.00 that she paid for the extra on the net and balls. 

Mrs. Necastro sent a note asking that PTA help send grades K-6 to the Nutcracker at UMM . The cost would be $2.00 per child. Mrs. Necastro will pay and PTA will reinburse her. This was passed. She also mentioned that she would be looking for cultural events for the upper grade children. 

Mr. Crawford will renew the web domain names for our school website. It was voted to give Mr. Crawford the $40.00 to take care of it.

Jean Whitney asked about a donation to help with the yearbook. It was voted to give her $500.00. This will disbursed at a later time in the spring. 

Mr. Crawford won the teacher lottery. K-1 =2, 2-3=1, 4-5=2, 6=2, 7-8=2. Mrs. Mawhinney won the banner vote in tied drawing!  

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40

Jonesboro Elementary School PTA Minutes
Thursday, October 11, 2007
The meeting was called to order by president, Janet Toth with 14 parents and teachers present. The secretary's and treasurer's report were read and accepted. It was memtioned how nice it was to have the minutes from last month's meeting in front of them, so they could look back at them. Kelli is still receiving dues from the members. 
Janet Toth spoke to Susan of "Roy Toys" and she said it was okay to advertise on the school website. Brochures and order blanks were handed out at the meeting and the orders are due by next meeting. The products will be delivered in December. Turn in date for the money is Nov. 16th. Money may be turned in to Janet Mawhinney and Janet toth will pick it up from her. 
There was talk about having a table at the Church Fair on November 10th. Janet Toth said she would pay for the table space, which is $15.00. Janet toth will gather up all payments and give them to Kelli and she will write one check to Roy Toys. They will check on sales tax. It was decided to collect the money as people placed orders. All checks are to be made out the Jonesboro PTA. We will receive 50% of all sales.

Possible Spring Fundraiser - Jody Rose mentioned a lady named Sara? form Columbia Falls area who makes up her own gift baskets.

Book Fair - Joni reported that it was going well. Mona Wentzell was running it during the meeting. It ran until Tues. Oct. 16th.

NEW BUSINESS - Box Tops: "We have some" Suzanne said. We don't have to cut them out as neat as before. they just need to be in groups of 50. it is a great money maker. collection time is October and April? the winning classroom receives a pizza party.

Halloween Party: This event will take place on Friday, Oct. 26th. After alot of discussion about both ideas, it was voted to have the committee make the decision. A check for $50.00 was given to the comittee for expenses.

Suzanne: An inflatable planetarium (same as Dino Man)

Robin: "Mystery Fish" 5th Grade - computer lavish thing - grant money - Jen Wood

Janet Toth: Astrology - Charlie Sawyer - Meteorology

Challenger Center in Bangor - Janet Toth will pick his brain about a fee. Kelli said it is a great team building - impressive place - Nate Michaud (Dream Team)

Aspirations: Bullyiing - Conflicts - etc. Put something together...

After School snacks: $550.00 Sandi and Jeanne are the directors -- connected with Edge Program --mountain bikes / roller skates  $5.00 a student

Parent Night...

After School program - 25% cut in budget, discussed Rescuing Recess for playground supplies, Lights On for the After School Program campaign, trying to make a better program, looking at grants, Janet Toth will help that.
Otober 18th is Lights On across the nation, parents and students are invited to the Capitol Building on October 18th at 10:00.

November Food Drive: Janet Mawhinney will send a note home about the food drive.

March: in sync with "Pot of Gold"

More New Business:
 It was asked if the PTA would purchase two sets of soccer nets for the big and little side of the playground. A motion was made to spend up to $200 for the goals.
 Banner vote was won by 7 & 8 and Mrs. Mawhinney won the teacher lottery.
 Meeting ajourned at 7:45

Jonesboro Elementary School PTA Minutes 
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Disclaimer: Some of the events in these minutes are out of the order of how they
happened at the meeting. These minutes give an overview of the events of the

Attendance: 17 People were Present

	Vice President, Robin Pineo, called the September 13, 2007 meeting of the
Jonesboro PTA to order at 6:33 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was said and the PTA
Objects were read by the membership. 

The Secretary's Report of the May 2007 meeting was read by Robin Pineo and was
accepted. The Treasurer's Report was presented with a beginning balance of
$4779.91. A total of 7 checks were written with an ending balance of $3899.17.
The report was accepted as presented. The Treasurer will also be collecting dues
in the amount of $5.00 for 2007-2008 PTA membership.  

	President Janet Toth discusses the, “Washington County, One Community”
Initiative of which she is a part. The vision of the initiative is for
Washington County towns to be seen as one community and to build up that
community in many different areas. 

	One aspect of the “Washington County, One Community” Initiative is to “Buy
Local.” President Toth discussed local businesses and suggested that the PTA try
to sell locally made items for fundraisers for this year. She suggested selling
Roy's Toys, wooden Maine building sets in the fall and possibly other items in
the spring. 

It was motioned to sell Roy's Toys as a fall fundraiser and the motion passed.
It was suggested to have a display or someone selling Roy's Toys at
Parent-Teacher Conferences in November and to have brochures for people to sell
them in the community.

The PTA discussed goals for the upcoming school year. Suggested goals for school
improvements from the PTA include new wireless microphones or regular
microphones for the gym, improved playground equipment and other playground
improvements, and a school sign with space to post messages near the end of the
school driveway on Route 1. Mr. Marsh suggested possibly charging for the
posting of special events on message area on the school sign. It was also
debated about whether the school sign was a PTA or school board project.  

Another goal mentioned was recognition of teachers. Many who have worked in
Jonesboro for many years. 

A Financial Goals Committee aka “The PTA Dream Team” was formed with the task of
surveying the community and school staff of possible PTA projects or goals and
their estimated cost. Members of this committee include Janet Toth, Shelley
Roberts, Susan Norton, Janet Mawhinney, and Greg Marsh. The committee will
report at the next PTA meeting. 

Mrs. Norton mentioned the need for the repair of some items on the playground.
The jungle gym has frost heaved and one post is showing its cement footing. This
is a safety hazard. 

The School Halloween Party was discussed. Halloween is on a Wednesday this year.
Shelley Roberts reported that she would help and be on the committee but was
unwilling to be chair this year. A Halloween Party Committee was formed
consisting of Janet Toth, Janet Mawhinney, Paula McBrine, Angela Davis, and
Shelley Roberts.  

The Officers of the PTA then next discussed. The appointment of a 2007-2009
Officer Selection Committee was suggested. After discussion, debate, and a
little persuasion, the present officers of the PTA were reelected excluding the
Secretary. The 2007-2009 officers are:
	President: Janet Toth
	Vice President: Robin Pineo
	Treasurer: Kelly Emery

The office of Secretary is vacant. PTA members are asked to look around for
someone willing to do the job and report back to the PTA. 

Each parent and teacher introduced themselves to those present. 

Mr. Marsh won the Teacher Lottery. The PTA Banner was won by Grades 2 and 3. 

The meeting was adjourned. A “Teacher's Reception” and “meet and greet social
time” were held after the meeting. Delicious refreshments were served and “ a
good time was had by all.”

The next meeting will be Thursday. October 11th at 6:30 PM.

		Respectfully submitted,
		George Crawford
	Secretary for September Only!!! :